Blanket Of Stars

Underneath the moonlit sky, and a beneath a blanket of stars. While we lay in a land afar.

It’s so quiet; all we can hear Is our breath we vaguely take with us so near.

Are body’s bound, lost in this presence, where we can’t be found.

You kiss my neck; it feels so nice… You have me feeling so enticed.

As your body emerges, Yearns and its urges As you feel my embrace.

I want to taste your taste.

As I put it in As little smiles and grins.

You whisper, faster? Or should you scream love you Master?

Pulling your hair, feeling, as if I you are floating on air, as we tremble and begin to shake.

Now we quiver and quake. Underneath the moonlit sky, beneath a blanket of stars.



Soy alguien que siempre hace cardio en el camino de la excelencia. Pensar demasiado es mi espada de doble filo. Me encanta programar, cargar cosas pesadas y hablar de cualquier idea.

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